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How do I obtain a Surety Bond?

Having the right card is everything!

The first thing you need is a qualified agent and you’ve come to the right place!

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You will need to complete an application and submit several documents. Below is what we call the "Bond Starter Kit".

Click the links below to find the needed information and forms:

FORMS AND APPLICATIONS: Complete these forms to submit to us.

**Once this information is obtained, we will evaluate it and determine the right surety market for you. We will then “submit” your account to a Surety company with a recommendation for support. The underwriter then evaluates your company and determines the appropriate amount of surety credit to extend. Very important: This is an ON-GOING process. As you grow, your surety program will grow with you. Consistent updates and evaluations will be required. It’s important that your bonding agent understands your needs so they can obtain the right surety program for your company’s growth.

What surety program do I qualify for? How is my information and company evaluated?

No two companies are alike and having an agent that understands the difference is so important. Below you can find a link to the three C’s of Surety. This is a basis of the criteria for which an account is underwritten. However, there can be extenuating circumstances that make any one of the three C’s weigh more heavily than the other. For example: the owner may have been a PM with a much larger company prior to the opening of his/her own shop. In this case, while financials may be light- his/her prior job experience, relationships and knowledge may weigh heavier in the overall picture.

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Financials and Accounting terms All business owners should know and understand

As a business owner, the foundation of your company is your finances. In order to run a profitable business, make money, and grow the company, a business starts with managing, understanding, and controlling the finances.

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